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What is a Committeeperson?

Philadelphia is divided into 1,703 voting divisions, each containing approximately 500-1,000 people. The two major parties each elect two "committeepeople" to each division. 

How are Committeepeople elected?

Committeepeople are elected every four years, in the same primary election as the Pennsylvania Governor (2014, 2018, 2022, 2026, etc.) Committeepeople must live in the division they serve, and must remain registered to the party they ran with - either Democrat or Republican. 

What does a Committeeperson do?

Committeepeople are unpaid, elected volunteers. The most important role of a committeeperson is to ensure that their polling place is staffed with election workers, and to educate local voters about upcoming elections. Most committeepeople work outside polling places on Election Day - both the Primary Election in the spring and the General Election in November. 

How else can a Committeeperson help the community?

Committeepeople often perform extensive volunteer work in the community. In many cases, a committeeperson will assist residents with 311-type issues - committeepeople can help residents successfully navigate government bureaucracy. 

Committeepeople also build relationships with elected officials and government agencies over time, and this can help ensure that the community's priorities are known. Because committeepeople cover relatively small areas, we know what issues are most important:

  • What are the safety concerns in the neighborhood?
  • Which intersections are the most dangerous?
  • What are the Quality of Life concerns?
  • Where do we most need government funding? 

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